Are Cars Over 100k Miles Worth Buying?

Are Cars Over 100k Miles Worth Buying?

You sit down at your computer and begin your search for cars under $10,000, or even cars under $5,000. As always, there are going to be a bunch of duds in the listings. Beat-up, wrecked, rebuilt, salvage titles, and high-mileage cars are some of the things you’ll encounter in this price segment. You don’t want to get yourself into a money pit, so these can be turn-offs. But one of these types of cars holds some gems – cars over 100k miles. Lots of people shy away from buying cars over 100k miles for one reason or another. But you shouldn’t! Even for a car that has 100,000 miles or more, there’s plenty of years and miles left. Here are a few reasons you should check out cars over 100k miles when you’re looking at a used car.

3 Reasons Cars Over 100k Miles Are a Good Buy

Cars Are Built Better

Twenty years ago, a car with 60k miles was due for an engine rebuild. That was an expense you didn’t want to get into, so you’d avoid high-mileage cars like the plague. Today, manufacturing standards are much higher. The body is built from high-quality materials and the powertrain is built much stronger than it used to. Some models just keep going, mile after mile after mile…

The Price Drops After 100k Miles

If your budget is tight, you’ll notice there’s a big price difference on cars after they’ve hit the 100k-mile mark. It’s a great way to save money on your purchase initially. For some people, it can be the difference between taking out a car loan and paying cash. And who doesn’t love saving thousands of dollars on a car?

They Don’t Depreciate As Much

Checking out cars over 100k miles? When you buy good used cars with mileage that’s higher than average, there’s a pleasant byproduct: someone else already took the hit on depreciation. At this mileage, the odometer has much less to do with the resale value than the car’s overall condition. When it’s time to sell it, you’ll get most of your money back as long as you keep the car in good shape. If you’re in the market for a good, inexpensive used car, check out Jay Wolfe Auto Outlet. We have a selection of cars over 100k miles that will suit your taste!