Tips on how to make your test drive count!

5 Tips on How to Make Your Test Drive Count

How to Make Your Test Drive Count Don’t you wish you knew if a car would feel like the right one, the moment you get behind the wheel? Unfortunately, when most people buy a car, they don’t have a chance to truly get comfortable before they make the sales agreement. They think every vehicle is

Trading a car with bad credit

Can I Trade In My Car with Bad Credit?

There’s no doubt you need to get a different car. Your engine leaks oil, the transmission shifts sloppy, your power windows only work sometimes, and last week the engine stalled. Even though it restarted, who knows how long until you’re left stranded? But you haven’t got the best credit in the world and you’re worried

How to Avoid Badly Damaged Cars from an Accident

How to Avoid Buying a Car that’s Been in a Serious Accident

“I had to get the paint touched up because of a scratch.” “It was just a minor accident, nothing more.” “They deemed it a total loss, but the damage wasn’t bad at all.” These are excuses you might hear when you’re shopping for a used car. It might be true, or it might be a

What Does an Oil Change Really Do?

You own a car, and you know that an oil change is required at regular intervals. It seems, though, that those oil change intervals are really short. It’s usually just a few months and you’re draining the oil and changing the filter again. Has the oil really had time to go bad? Is it necessary

Five Expensive Truck Repairs to Avoid

No one said owning a truck was going to be cheap. In the past decade or so, new trucks have lower maintenance costs than they used to. As pickups continue to climb in popularity, there are more used ones available to purchase. But when you buy a used truck, there are potential problems that can

What Happens If I Miss a Car Payment?

A study in 2016 by Experian discovered that the average car payment in America is a whopping $503 per month! That’s a big chunk of change for most people. And with a vast majority of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, you’re only one small problem away from not being able to make ends meet that

What’s Wrong With Your Fuel Mileage?

It always seems like you’re stopping at the gas station. You’ve been passing it off as the cost of owning a car, and it is. No matter which make or model you drive (unless it’s electric), your vehicle is going to burn through fuel. It’s just how it works. But there’s a point when your

The Winners for Edmunds 2018 Best Retained Value Awards

One of the sure things about buying a car is that it’s going to depreciate. There are no two ways about it – as it ages, you rack up the miles, and it develops little issues, it’s not worth as much anymore. But some vehicles retain their value better than others. When the time comes

Why You Should Buy Your Used Vehicle from a Car Dealer

Your uncle tells you, “Buy a car privately. You can save money compared with buying from a car dealer.” You’ve heard from your grandmother, “Why would you waste your money on a newer car? Just drive my 1988 Plymouth Reliant.” Your sister’s boyfriend’s brother once bought a vehicle from a car dealer in Maine, and

When Are Used Electric Cars Coming?

It’s been all over the news for the past couple of years. Car makers say that they’re going to be electrifying most or all of their vehicle fleets. That’s great news for the environment, isn’t it? Manufacturers such as Volvo, Volkswagen, Tesla, Ford, and General Motors are just a few that have committed to electrified

Tips to Reduce Fuel Consumption

“I love filling up my tank at the gas station!”, said no one ever. One of the most expensive parts of owning a vehicle is fueling it up. It never seems to last as long as it should, and gas prices are consistently higher than we think they should be too. But since cars need