Car Buying is Easier When You Know These Used Car Myths

There’s a stigma about used cars. And often, people try to avoid buying a preowned car because of that stigma. Some of the reasons that used cars get a bad rap simply aren’t true though. That’s what you’d call a myth. Often, a used car is the best choice to make, and it’s easier to make that decision when you know these used car myths.

Used Car Myths

“You don’t know what you’re getting with a used car.”

It’s critical to shop at a reputable used car dealer. When you do, the condition is no longer an unknown factor. Used cars at Jay Wolfe Auto Outlet are inspected from front to back, top to bottom. It’s this way that you know you’ll always know what you get when you’re shopping for a used car.

“There’s no support when you have a problem.”

In the past, shady used car dealers would give you a 60/60 warranty: 60 feet or 60 seconds. It’s different now, at least at Jay Wolfe Auto Outlet. Happy customers are good customers, so your experience is the top priority. If something goes wrong, we’re here to help. Plus, many of the cars we sell still have some of their factory warranty.

“Their prices are too high.”

It’s true that car dealers look to make a profit – it’s a business, after all. But take a look around when you’re comparing prices. Jay Wolfe Auto Outlet knows the market and prices each car competitively. Whether you’re searching for a low-cost compact car or a luxury pre-owned car, you’ll pay a very reasonable price, sometimes the lowest price around.

“They won’t take trade-ins.”

One of the used car myths is that some used car dealers don’t have the capacity to deal with your trade, that’s true. But a high-quality used car dealer like Jay Wolfe Auto Outlet certainly can. We’ll appraise your trade-in and give you a fair price for it, making your car-shopping experience less stressful and much quicker.   Jay Wolfe Auto Outlet is destroying used car myths. Come visit us to see exactly how we can help you find the best used car for your needs.

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