Get the Best Fuel Economy Possible With these Tips

It seems like every time you drive your car, the gas gauge reads low. Why is it that your car’s fuel just doesn’t last as long as you think it should? It’s no secret that an engine burns fuel so you can drive, but it feels like your car is using more than its fair share of gas. If you’re concerned about your fuel economy, read on.

Fuel Economy Ratings Aren’t Exact

The first thing to keep in mind is that you won’t necessarily get the fuel economy that you’re car is rated to get. It’s tested in very specific conditions so that all cars can be rated in the same way for fairness and comparison. If your car’s fuel economy is rated at 30 mpg on the highway, you shouldn’t expect to get it every time you drive. Idling time, outside temperature, your car’s maintenance, and many other factors come into play for real-life fuel economy. But if your car isn’t even in the ballpark, there are issues you can address.

Have Your Car Maintained

Proper car maintenance helps with fuel efficiency. A clean fuel system lets your engine operate more efficiently. Properly-inflated tire pressures prevent excess fuel consumption because of high rolling resistance. Even an oil change can reduce engine friction, boosting your fuel efficiency. You can scrounge up better fuel economy simply by keeping your car maintained.

Reduce Idling Time

If your engine is idling for more than a minute, you’re wasting fuel. Instead of idling your engine, turn it off and conserve fuel. It doesn’t hurt your car and it keeps money in your pocket, so why not be more intentional to reduce engine idle time?

Drive Responsibly

Nothing contributes to excessive fuel consumption like your driving habits. Hard acceleration gulps fuel needlessly, so be firm yet controlled when you’re speeding up. Keep a constant speed when you’re on the highway. Use your car’s cruise control to maintain your cruising speed, eliminating throttle ‘burps’. Also, speeding by just a few miles per hour burns more fuel than you’d imagine. Keep your speeding under control to get the best fuel economy possible.

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