How to Buy a Used Car

How to Buy a Used Car

In the market for a used car but don’t know the best way to make your purchase? It’s not as easy as you’d think to spend thousands of dollars. Buying a car should be fun though, so you need to make it as stress-free as possible. How do you do that? You learn how to buy a used car the right way. You might wonder, “What could go wrong when I buy a used car?”, and there are a bunch of things. You could overpay, get a car that’s not reliable, buy a car that needs repairs right away, or get pressured into buying a car you don’t really want. And that’s just the start! You really do need advice on how to buy a used car. Here are a few tips to get you started on your journey to a pre-owned car purchase.

5 Tips on How to Buy a Used Car

Find a Dealership You Can Trust

Where you buy it is nearly as important as the car itself. You want to know that the used car dealership you choose has your back if something goes wrong, and that starts with a good reputation. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. Jay Wolfe Auto Outlet is one of the used car dealers in KCMO that has a fantastic reputation…but don’t take OUR word for it. Ask our customers.  

Narrow Down Your Search Criteria

Know the type of vehicle you want when you begin shopping for a used car, at least loosely. A sedan, coupe, SUV, truck – narrow it down so you aren’t just winging it. That’s how you get talked into a car you don’t actually want. A used car’s mileage isn’t as important as it used to be. With high manufacturing standards, cars today will last much longer than they did in the past. Don’t be concerned if the odometer is near or over 100,000 miles – there’s still plenty of life left in these cars!  

Demand the Service and Reconditioning Records

You want to know as much of the car’s history as you can, don’t you? When you’re getting the lowdown on the car you like, demand the Vehicle History Report, the reconditioning records, and if they’re available, the car’s previous service history. This information can help you determine how much work has been done on the car recently, and what you might expect needs attention in the near future.  

Take a Good Test Drive

Don’t be shy about taking a long test drive to get comfortable. If you’re going to own the car for a few years – or longer – shouldn’t you be able to spend a little time in the driver’s seat now? If possible, take a test drive along routes you’re familiar with so you can focus on the car, not on directions. Get a feel for how it operates under normal conditions.  

Determine If the Car is Priced Competitively

Price is important, so make sure the car is priced in line with other models like it. Visit Kelley Blue Book online and look up the car’s Fair Market Value. Make sure you input all the options the car has. Compare the car’s listed price with the KBB Fair Market Value. If you love the car and the price checks out, it’s a good one.