Make Your Money Go Further With Car Maintenance

Whether times are financially tough or you’re living a frugal lifestyle, it’s all about saving money wherever you can. Why spend more than you have to on vehicle repairs or car maintenance? It’s just good sense to stretch your money as far as it can go. Do you need some ideas for keeping costs down with your car repairs or with car maintenance? CarUp has your back. Follow these pointers to get the most for your money.

Car Maintenance Tips on a Tight Budget

DON’T Skip Oil Changes

It might save you a few bucks right now, but it’s going to cost you big later on. Oil changes are the best and cheapest maintenance you can do to prolong your engine’s life. Know the oil change interval your manufacturer requires and follow it to the letter.

Replace Your Air Filter Annually

It sounds like spending money, not saving. However, replacing your air filter for a small price can save you 10 percent or more on your fuel consumption. It’s safe to say that fuelling up is one of the more expensive items to owning a car, right?

Trust a Dealership With Your Maintenance

Many car repair shops and car maintenance facilities don’t truly know your maintenance requirements. They’ll sell you services well ahead of the time frame in which they are due. You end up spending more than you need to on services. While it keeps your car in good shape, it’s not going to help you save money.

Skip the Premium Fuel

Unless your car specifically requires premium gas, you’re blowing your money out the tailpipe. Premium fuel has more octane which improves performance in vehicles that require more octane for a stable burn. If your car simply says it needs regular unleaded gas, you won’t notice a difference when you use premium fuel. You can find out which fuel your car requires by opening the fuel door – there’s a label inside.   Keep your car maintenance reasonably priced and reliable by trusting CarUp KC with your car services. No matter which make or model, we’ll do only the services that are necessary to keep you motoring safe and sound as long as possible.

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