Myths about Used Car Dealerships

In the United States, the used car marketplace is a thriving industry. Millions of cars hit the road for the first time every year, and it doesn’t take long until it becomes a used car for sale. Some come up for sale privately while others end up at used car dealerships. Where you buy a used car is very likely affected by what you’ve heard about the buying process. Your father, aunty, cousin, or friend of a friend probably tells you their experience countless times, and that’s probably because it wasn’t positive. But what you’ve heard about the difference between private sellers and used car dealerships probably isn’t totally true. Where buying privately is often painted as a rosy picture, there’s a bigger story than the one you’ve heard.

Is Buying Privately a Good Idea?

Lots of people buy cars privately without any problem. It’s not often convenient, though. You have to contact the seller, and that’s only possible when they are ready to respond to you. You need to meet to check out the car, and many sellers are skeptical about letting you test drive. Then there’s the price negotiations, where the seller won’t budge from their inflated price. And what if the paperwork isn’t in order? Many times, private sales work out fine. But there’s no guarantee it WILL be fine. And if something goes wrong after the sale, there’s no chance the seller is going to help you out.

Used Car Dealerships get a Bad Wrap

The alternative to private sales is to buy from used car dealerships. That idea was harrowing in the past with seedy salespeople in ill-fitting suits, looking to swindle you out of your money. A lot of those ideations still plague used car dealerships, but the actual environment is totally different. Here are a few myths about used car dealerships that have been debunked.

“The 60/60 Warranty”

A common problem used to be the lack of aftersales support. Warrantied for ‘60 feet or 60 seconds’, you were on your own if something went wrong as soon as you left the lot. Today’s used car dealerships like us at CarUp KC care about our customers. We know things happen, and we’re here to help if they do. There are extended warranties available, and many of our cars in inventory have factory warranty in effect.

“They Price Cars Too High”

Used car dealerships, like all retail establishments, are designed to earn a living for their employees. However, pricing is always competitive at CarUp KC. We consistently check the local market for comparable vehicles to make sure our pricing is fair. Plus, you get much better support than from a private seller, so there’s an added benefit without the added cost.

“I Feel Pressured to Buy”

The old-school sales tactics are long gone. Our CarUp KC sales team is here to help when you need it, but without the pressure. We want to make sure you find the right vehicle for your needs, so we’ll make the shopping process interactive and casual to find out what best works for you.   Forget the myths about used car dealerships when you shop at CarUp KC. We have a fantastic selection of pre-owned vehicles, with one sure to fit your lifestyle. Best of all, it’s a safe, friendly environment to shop for your next car!

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