When Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair?

It’s coming… The hot, humid summer weather everyone is waiting for is just around the corner. In Kansas City, few things are more enjoyable than a day spent outdoors in the heat. But when it’s time to come home from the Kansas City Royals game or the beach, you don’t want that same heat in your car. You want cool, dry air that’s going to make you comfortable. But your car might need an air conditioning repair. Do you remember last year when your car took a little longer to cool down? Recall when your windows took forever to clear in the rain in the fall? And when you were defrosting your car in the winter, remember how long it took for your windshield to thaw? It’s probably because your air conditioning isn’t working as well as it used to.

Why Your Air Conditioning Repair is Necessary

Don’t worry – it’s nothing you did to it. Your car’s A/C system has many parts and will naturally need repairs from time to time. A common air conditioning repair isn’t a repair at all. It’s actually a service item. Every year, your car’s A/C refrigerant will lose around 5 percent of its efficiency. That means that a noticeable difference will show in just a few years from new. Luckily, all it takes is a simple recharge for your car’s air conditioning to work like new once again. It might also be a simple gasket or seal, or a pinhole in an A/C hose from corrosion or flexing. These repairs aren’t usually very expensive, but they’re necessary to get your A/C working well. But it could be more. A leaking A/C evaporator, a seized air conditioning compressor, or a damaged condenser could be a big hit to your wallet. Each of these parts could mean your A/C won’t work at all until it’s fixed. Imagine how sweaty your back might get this summer…   If your car needs an air conditioning repair, it could be expensive. As well, are there any other costly repairs you’ll need done? It might be worthwhile to look for a different used car instead – one whose A/C works like a charm. If that’s something that sounds good to you, see the experts at CarUp KC. We’ll find you a car that will keep you cool all summer long.  

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