What Does an Oil Change Really Do?

You own a car, and you know that an oil change is required at regular intervals. It seems, though, that those oil change intervals are really short. It’s usually just a few months and you’re draining the oil and changing the filter again. Has the oil really had time to go bad? Is it necessary to change the oil so soon? Don’t even think about ignoring your engine oil. Your car’s manufacturer has set the interval for a reason, whether it’s by time, mileage, or with an oil life monitoring system. Just so you understand why you need an oil change a few times a year, check out these functions your oil performs.

Why an Oil Change is So Important

Engine oil lubricates internal components

It’s the reason you’ve heard about since the first time you got an oil change. Oil lubricates the moving parts inside your engine. It’s the most fundamental purpose for engine oil. Over time, oil loses its viscosity and fails to properly lubricate.

It protects against corrosion

Inside your engine, all those moving parts are coated by oil. It essentially seals the bare metal from moisture and air, preventing corrosion on the inside of your engine. If your oil is low or loses its lubricating properties, it doesn’t protect as well.

It cleans deposits from inside the engine

Engine oil contains detergents. If you’re wondering why, it’s so engine oil can ‘wash’ off sludge and buildup inside the engine. It gets trapped in the oil filter, and is removed when your oil change is performed.

It reduces friction

Imagine metal parts rubbing against each other several hundred times per minute. That friction will inevitably cause damage, won’t it? Engine oil provides a barrier between the moving parts to prevent friction, and the damage that results from it. Clean engine oil from a fresh oil change performs this task much better than old, dirty oil.

It cools your engine

Your car has a cooling system, but did you know the engine oil performs up to 40 percent of the engine cooling? If your engine oil is low or very dirty, it simply can’t cool as well. An oil change helps your engine run as cool as possible.   When you buy a used car from CarUp KC, it’s important to keep it well maintained, especially with routine oil changes. We want to see you back in the future, but not because you’ve neglected your car’s maintenance!

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