Opposites Attract in Marriage and Credit. Here’s How

It’s often said that opposites attract. It’s usually referring to someone’s love life. Sometimes it’s an outgoing A-type personality that seeks out quiet, shy people to hang around. Or, a slender person looks for a larger companion to date. There are reasons for every situation, from a feeling of safety to a feeling of excitement or even danger. That’s all well and good, and opposites attracting is a natural phenomenon that seems to work for many.

Why Opposites Attract Doesn’t Always Work Well for Credit

When these opposite personalities start their life together, it can lead to clashes about money. You’ll often find – in ANY relationship – that one person is definitively the saver and the other is the spender. There’s nothing wrong with either position. In fact, it’s probably healthiest this way. It CAN lead to confrontations, though. When a saver sees the spender making purchases with wanton disregard for the checkbook register, the saver is likely to throttle the spender with a plastic shopping bag. And when the spender constantly hears ‘no’ about purchases the saver deems frivolous, the spender is apt to throw a small tantrum in a department store. Of course, money can lead to much larger disputes in a relationship. More than half of marriages in America encounter major issues at one point, even divorce, because of money issues. So it’s a serious problem. Opposites attract in finances, and it must be dealt with in a healthy way. Unfortunately, the saver isn’t always able to curb the spending, and it can become a reason for bad credit. It takes only one hidden purchase on a credit card, one major overspend at the guitar store, one or two handbags at Coach, and the money issues can cause real strain. If you’ve found that your opposite has attracted bad credit because of poor spending habits, you’re not alone. But bad credit doesn’t have to be a black mark forever. With a few small corrections, you can get your credit back on track. If a vehicle purchase is in your near future, CarUp KC is here to help. We’ll work with you to find a car and a payment that you can both agree on.

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