Which Options Will Boost My Future Resale Value?

Unless the car you buy is a limited production or an extremely rare exception, it’s going to depreciate. That’s what happens when you buy a product – like a car – that breaks down, adds wear, and racks up the miles during the course of its lifetime. Frankly, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Would you expect that someone would pay what you did after you’ve used your vehicle? It’s why considering resale value when shopping for a used car is so important. Even though your vehicle is going to depreciate, there are a few things that can prevent a massive price drop. Of those few things, your vehicle’s options should be included. Which options should you choose to help keep your resale value as high as possible?

Options that Help Your Resale Value

In the past, options like cruise control, power windows and locks, and air conditioning would have topped a list of items that help resale value. These items are standard on almost all vehicles now. Instead, think about adding one or more of the following five items to the vehicle you are buying.

Leather Seats

Most vehicles have the option to add leather seats in middle and high trim levels or packages. Leather seats still are a luxury item, and are a desired option for many buyers, both new and used. Because of their desirability, leather seats continue to boost a car’s value well into its life. Full leather seats are even better than leather trimmed.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise control may be almost a universally standard feature, but adaptive cruise control is better yet. With adaptive cruise, your vehicle’s set cruise control speed adjusts without driver input. It makes a convenience item even more convenient. Adaptive cruise control is a fairly recent development, but you can see it trickling into the used car market. This, and other driver assist features, will boost your car’s resale for years to come.

Upper Trim Level

In almost any environment, shoppers tend to gravitate away from entry level pricing. The better features, more attractive look, and more powerful engines are found in the upper trim levels. If you want to keep your vehicle’s value high as long as possible, choose one of the upper trims. It will cost more money initially, but you’ll recoup much of that cost when it comes time to sell your car.  


As Google Maps and Wi-Fi become the norm, printed maps and gas station road maps are less common. A digital in-car map feature called navigation is quite popular for that reason. If you choose a vehicle that includes a navigation package, you can expect to get that money back on resale value.  

LED Headlights

It’s about appearance more than anything. LED headlights are a better choice for lighting the way ahead of your car, but they look great too! Many upper trim levels have optional LED headlights that have a more attractive, high-end look than traditional halogen headlights. LED headlights are going to make your car more valuable in the future, compared with the same model with standard headlights. If you’re looking for a premium used car in Kansas City that’s going to maintain its resale value, let CarUp KC help. We have a great selection of quality pre-owned vehicles that are sure to fit your wants and needs!  

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