Why Price Doesn’t Make it a Used Car Deal

Browsing online or on the used car lots around town, you find plenty of cars you would love to drive. But you’re looking for a great used car deal, and none of the options you’ve looked at are quite as good as you want. You want to pay BELOW the average price. But there are things more important than the sticker price. When you’re looking for a fantastic car, you need to look beyond the price tag. Here are five items you should consider when shopping for a used car deal.

Criteria for a True Used Car Deal

Is the Car Certified?

You might love the car, top to bottom, but it’s not a good deal if you don’t know what’s wrong with it. It happens when you’re searching for a used car deal from a private seller or as an ‘as is’ sale at a car dealership. If you can’t put your tags on the car and drive it away without repairs, it’s not a good deal. Always buy a car that’s been thoroughly inspected and has the backing of a reputable seller, such as CarUp KC.

Is the Title Clean?

The person or dealership selling the car should have the title on hand. Make sure the title doesn’t have a ‘rebuilt’ or ‘salvage’ status. If it does, that could have serious implications on the car’s quality and longevity. If the seller won’t show you the title or tries to hide the title status, walk away.

Can You Get the Vehicle History Report?

With floods, fires, thefts, and other potential past issues in a car’s history, you want to be aware of previous issues the car has had. Visits to the dealership aren’t a bad thing on a vehicle history report, but be on the lookout for other red flags. If there’s a long gap in the history or there have been major accidents, ask questions. It could mean that a competitively priced car hasn’t been fixed properly or has hidden damage.

Is There Warranty Remaining or Available?

Car repairs are expensive, as you know. A used car deal is one that has some warranty still in effect – it’s a huge benefit when it comes to vehicle repair costs. If the car no longer has factory warranty coverage, it’s great if the seller is able to provide extended warranty for your car. If warranty is not available, the car better be a smokin’ price.

Is the Price Competitive?

In the end, price does matter somewhat. You don’t want to pay more than you need to for the car you want to drive. Competitive pricing means that similar cars with similar features, condition, and mileage are around the same price. Be aware that private sales might be priced a little lower because they don’t have safeguards like a dealer does, and that slightly lower price often isn’t worth it. Compare the pricing to another dealer to determine if it’s in line.   If you’re looking for a used car deal, you’ve found the solution. CarUp KC is the answer for your next used car purchase. With a fantastic selection and friendly service, we’ll make your car-buying experience a great one.

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