Signs of a Used Car with Flood Damage

Recent years have seen strange weather in United States. Hurricanes have swept through Texas and Florida causing an incomprehensible amount of loss, well into the billions of dollars. People lost homes and much of their belongings in the flood waters, and their cars also experienced flood damage. The cleanup is well under way and most of those vehicles with flood damage have been deemed a total loss. There are a few – more than you’d think – that have found their way back into the used car market once again. It’s a troubling issue, and one that you need to look for when you’re searching for a used car.

Here are five signs of flood damage when you’re shopping for a used car.

Rust is forming in unusual places

It isn’t uncommon for a used car to develop a spot of rust. But if the rust is in locations you normally wouldn’t see it, it’s a sign that it was sitting in deep water. Rust on the strut towers under the hood, on the seat frame in the car, or on the drip holes in the car doors are a few signs to look for.

The carpet is water stained

Look for more than just water and salt stains on the driver’s mat area. If there is a consistent water stain ring more than three inches up the center console or on the door panels, the car has probably been in a flood.

The undercarriage is excessively rusty

The underneath of a car is usually cleaner than you’d imagine. If there is rust on the bottom of the floor pan in the middle of the car, there’s a good chance it’s seen more water than the seller is letting on.

The brakes are rusty

It’s not just the surface rust on the rotors to look for. If there’s rust on the brake calipers, brake hose connections, and the wheel hub and spindle looks brown and flaky, the car might’ve been sitting in water for a period of time.

There are electrical issues

Water and electricity don’t mix. Flood damage typically causes electrical problems in a car, either immediately or later on when corrosion sets in on wires and connectors. You might notice intermittent operation of some accessories. The Check Engine light might come on sporadically. If you suspect electrical problems due to flood damage, don’t buy the car.   Luckily for you, CarUp KC doesn’t sell cars with flood damage. Each used car that comes through CarUp KC has been thoroughly inspected and a vehicle history report has been checked. We want you to be completely satisfied with the used car you buy from CarUp so we only offer you the best used cars for sale.

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