Three Ways to Save Money this Summer

Crank up the air conditioning in your house. Hit the malls for a new summer wardrobe. It’s summertime, and you want to enjoy it while you can! You have your shopping list all set to go and your credit card in hand. You’re going to do some serious shopping damage at the department store before you crash at home to cool off. But once you’ve done your summer shopping prep, you won’t be able to get out and enjoy it. Your credit card will be maxed, leaving no money for summer fun while you pay it off. Instead, why not look for ways you can trim back your spending this summer? In the end, you’ll be able to make the most of the warm weather while it’s around.

Ride Your Bicycle or Strap On Your Roller Blades

Even if you have a car, you don’t have to drive it everywhere. During the beautiful summer weather, you can save money on gas by pedalling or skating your way around town. Cycling is a fantastic way to stay in shape, get some sunshine, and minimize your fuel costs. The same goes for alternate activities like rollerblading or skateboarding. If you are able to make cycling your priority transportation method during the summer months, you may be able to get a discount on your car insurance too. Those who insure their cars for ‘pleasure’ instead of ‘commuter’ might save a couple hundred dollars over the course of the year. Just make sure you switch it back when you start driving all the time, like in late fall.

Hold a Neighborhood Clothing Exchange

Everyone has clothes they’ve outgrown or simply tired of. Get together with your neighbors and hold a ‘garage sale’ type of clothing exchange. You can price your old clothes for a dollar each, or you can just give them away. ‘Shop’ at your neighbor’s clothing stash for a new wardrobe this summer, and get creative. See a pair of jeans you like with holes in the knees? They’re perfect for shorts. T-shirts can be layered for different looks. In the end, you’ll save money instead of overspending at the mall.

Turn Down the Air Conditioning

When you get home, don’t close the windows and crank the A/C, unless it’s unbearably hot. Think ahead to keep your home cool without turning on the A/C as much, ultimately to save money. Open the windows in the evening and overnight to let the cool air and the breeze inside. Before it heats up in the daytime, close the windows and blinds to keep your home’s interior cool and comfortable. Cooling your home in the summer can cost as much as heating it in the winter. Your climate control costs can be drastically reduced by planning ahead of time.    

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