Tips to Reduce Fuel Consumption

“I love filling up my tank at the gas station!”, said no one ever. One of the most expensive parts of owning a vehicle is fueling it up. It never seems to last as long as it should, and gas prices are consistently higher than we think they should be too. But since cars need fuel to operate, and we can’t barter for the price per gallon, the only option is to reduce fuel consumption. Saving money on fuel is easier than you might think. To reduce fuel consumption requires very little effort and minimal cost. Your wallet will love you for it.

How to Reduce Fuel Consumption

Drive Like a Sane Person

Obviously, how much fuel you burn has a direct correlation with how you drive. If you drive like a maniac – hammering on the gas all the time – you’re going to chew through more fuel than you need to. Instead, reduce fuel consumption by driving your vehicle less like a crazy person. Ease onto the fuel when you accelerate, and try not to speed too much.

Use Cruise Control

On the throttle, on the brake. Back on the throttle, then brake again. It’s a great way to burn gas. Reduce fuel consumption when you set your cruise control. Your car burns fuel most when you’re accelerating. So, when you set your cruise control, it maintains a consistent speed and you burn less gas.

Change the Air Filter

Your engine needs to breathe freely. The engine air filter makes sure the air entering your engine is clean, but if it’s dirty, it’s restricted. Less airflow means your engine will compensate by burning more fuel. Change the air filter at least once a year or whenever it’s dirty.

Keep Up with Oil Changes

Oil changes reduce wear inside your engine, but it also reduces friction. Friction inside your engine means it has to work harder to operate, this it burns more fuel. Get your oil changed when it’s due to prevent unnecessary friction inside the engine.

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