How a Tire Rotation Can Indicate You Should Buy a New Car

We all know that a tire rotation should be done as part of routine maintenance. It’s the best way to ensure your tires last as long as possible. In turn, it keeps you safe on the road when you drive. But when you take your car in for a tire rotation, you might be getting clues that it’s time to get rid of your car and buy a new one.

Clues from a Tire Rotation

The Shoulder is Worn

If the technician lets you know the shoulder area of your tires is more worn than the center tread section, that’s something to take note of. It can mean your ball joints or control arms are loose in their sockets. If that’s the case, you’ll be looking at an expensive repair bill to correct the problem. In addition, you might need to replace your tires prematurely.

The Tread is Feathered

Feathering on tire tread is an issue that causes your tire tread to feel like saw teeth. One side of each tread block is higher than the other. It’s caused by improper alignment, caused by issues such as tie rod end play, steering rack looseness, or even suspension wear. You’ve probably been ignoring the increased road noise too. Again, repairs are going to be expensive.

One Tire is Worn More Than the Rest

If the technician reports that one tire is nearly worn out and the rest are in good shape, that’s a problem. It could be due to a brake issue like a sticking caliper, a strut that leaked out, or a wheel hub that’s very loose. Not only will the tire need to be replaced but the cause will need to be addressed and a wheel alignment performed.   Instead of dealing with expensive repairs, get into a different vehicle. When your tire rotation indicates costly problems are starting, trade it in for a fully inspected and certified pre-owned car from Jay Wolfe Auto Outlet.

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