Why Your Tires Could Dictate the Type of Vehicle You Buy

You drive through the pasture to pick up a newborn calf. You take long trips cross-country to visit your parents on the Florida panhandle. It might be that you rally-race your sports car on the weekends. Or, perhaps, you perform a daily commute to the office in rain, snow, or midwest summer heat. Whatever you do and wherever you drive, you do it on tires. Those round, black rubber rings could dictate the type of vehicle you need to buy.

Rugged Truck Tires

If you need to take your vehicle places that most people wouldn’t dare, you likely need a good truck tire. That’s something you’ll find on a full-size pickup like the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-Series pickup, or the Nissan Titan. Full-size SUVs might do the trick also, depending on your cargo needs, but you’ll want an LT-rated tire.

High Performance Tires

If you want an incredibly fun vehicle to drive – one that throws you back in your seat – think about a high-performance tire. Z-rated or ZR-rated radials are some of the best high-performance tires, but there are a few others. You’ll notice they are low-profile, stiff in the sidewall, and typically seem wide across the tread. Think about the Dodge Challenger, Toyota 86, Honda Civic Type R, or other high-performance cars.

Highway Tires

If you’re on the highway a lot, you want a passenger tire for your vehicle. At the beginning of the tire size, it will be marked with a ‘P’. These ones are meant for excellent overall traction and treadwear. Driven responsibly, you’ll get about 50,000 to 60,000 miles or more from your set of tires. Vehicles like the Acura RDX, Honda Pilot, Toyota Corolla, and Ford Fusion will be equipped with good highway tire choices.

City Driving

If you’re driving in the city mostly, virtually any tire choice will do the trick. However, you probably want a vehicle that works well to get you through heavy city traffic and into tight parking spaces. Vehicles like the Nissan Juke, Toyota Yaris, Honda HR-V, and Acura ILX are great options for city driving.   Essentially, you need to choose a used vehicle that fits your needs, and that includes its tires. When you search for your next used vehicle, let the experts at CarUp in Kansas City help you find the right fit. From trucks and SUVs to sports cars and hatchbacks, we can source the car with the right tires for you.  

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