Why a Trade In is a Good Buy

You need to buy another vehicle, or you’re replacing your current car. But you don’t want someone else’s junk. You’ve seen so many falsely advertised private sales and heaps of scrap at seedy used car dealers. What you want is a car you can trust, one that’s going to last, and something that’s exactly as advertised. And that’s why a trade in is a good buy.

Why is a Trade In Better to Buy?

A customer comes into one of the Jay Wolfe franchised dealerships and drives away in a new car. They’ve traded in their previous vehicle, or returned their lease at its expiry. Where does it go? If it’s in good shape, it goes to Jay Wolfe Auto Outlet. Here’s why.

Pre-owned Car Service Records

Trade In Vehicles Often Have Service Records

If a car gets traded in and the customer has their previous service records, it’s clear that it’s been well-kept. That’s one of the best things you can get with a used car. It shows which maintenance items and repairs have been performed so you know the car is up to date.


Pre-Owned is Relatively New

Most Trade In Vehicles Are Relatively New

Vehicles that come up for sale after being traded in are usually only a few years old. That’s because new car buyers change their vehicles every two to three years, although sometimes it’s more or less frequent. Because these trades haven’t been on the road for nearly a decade, you can be confident that they’re going to be reliable.

Existing Warranty

There Could Still Be Warranty

On most cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs that get traded in, there’s a balance of factory warranty still in effect. It could be just powertrain warranty remaining, or there may be some new car warranty still valid. That just adds to the value when you’re buying a used car. And if the car doesn’t have warranty still in effect, most trade in vehicles are new enough that an extended warranty can be purchased.

At Jay Wolfe Auto Outlet, you’ll find a great assortment of trade ins from our franchised dealerships. Visit us online or in person to see our amazing selection for yourself.