What’s Involved Before We Sell a Used Car

What We Do Before We Sell a Used Car

Believe it or not, our inventory doesn’t show up ready to sell. When vehicles arrive, there are a few things that need to happen before car shoppers can even take a test drive. Regardless if it’s a trade-in, a lease return, or a used car purchased from auction, there’s a long list of boxes to check before we can sell a used car. Check out the steps we take to get a vehicle ready to sell at Jay Wolfe Auto Outlet.

State Inspection

To register and insure a vehicle in Missouri, it needs to meet the state’s minimum safety standards. Every used car in our inventory has gone through the state inspection to make sure it’s roadworthy.

Check for Recalls

It’s a buzzword in automotive today. Recalls can be a daunting thing, and outstanding recalls have the power to undermine your confidence on the road, your vehicle enjoyment, and even your safety. Every used car is checked for recalls. If any are outstanding, they’re corrected before we sell a used car.

Pre-Owned Vehicle Inspection

At Jay Wolfe Auto Outlet, we’re not happy to just meet the minimum standards. You’re going to get the best possible used vehicle because we go through a stringent inspection process on every car. We check over every aspect of a car – electrical switches, interior trim, exterior bumps, dings, and scratches, and more.

Maintenance and Repairs

If the car meets our high standards, we go ahead with any maintenance and repairs necessary. And if it doesn’t fit the bill, we’ll send it away to auction. We understand that you want the best car for your money, so we recondition only the cars that we know will meet your qualifications.

Vehicle Detailing

Once a used car’s repairs are complete and it meets local state requirements, it’s detailed from tip to tail. Inside and out, all used cars are cleaned so you have the opportunity to start with a blank slate. Jay Wolfe Auto Outlet doesn’t take the sales process lightly. We offer only high-quality vehicles at a great price. Anything else simply doesn’t make the cut!