Five Reasons You Need a New(er) Pre Owned Car

Do you already own a car? If you’re reading this, it means you’re probably thinking about replacing it. And if you’re on the fence about getting a newer pre owned car, you might need a little advice. It might be a little biased, but we think you should buy something a little newer. In fact, we’ve even compiled five reasons why you should switch up to a newer pre owned car.

Why You Need a Newer Pre Owned Car

It Costs Less Than You Think

You already own a car, so the price tag on the car you want to buy isn’t what you’ll pay. All you end up paying is the difference between the cars – that is, if you trade in your old one. On top of that, a nearly-new pre owned car is much less expensive than buying brand new. You get all the benefits without the high cost!

It’s More Reliable

No more Check Engine light or stalling at an intersection. You don’t have to deal with electrical issues or car repairs for awhile. Trade up to a newer pre owned car and you’ll get a break from constant repair bills. Wouldn’t that be nice?

It May Have Warranty

Look, many pre owned cars still have the balance of factory warranty. There’s a very good chance you’ll pick a car with powertrain warranty in effect, or even something with new vehicle warranty still applicable.

Peace of Mind, My Friend

Your mom worries about you. When you buy a newer car, your mom can rest easier. She won’t be waiting for a call to pick you up because your car won’t start or it’s in the shop again. C’mon. Do it for your mama.

Your Car Isn’t Getting Any Newer

Cars depreciate in value. The longer you wait to do something about your aging car, the less it’s worth. Why not trade it in while it still has some value?   It’s clear you’re supposed to buy a newer pre owned car. So, let us help. Visit Jay Wolfe Auto Outlet to find your next vehicle at a great price, and from people you can trust.