Should I Buy a Lease Return?

Is Buying a Lease Return a Good Idea?

In the market for a used car? There’s plenty of choice out there, and from a bunch of different sellers. You could buy privately from that guy on Craigslist, or from that sketchy used car dealer you drive past on your bus route. Maybe a fleet vehicle is right…but what about a lease return? You might be a little gun shy about lease return vehicles. Most people think about lease returns like rental cars – drive them hard and give them back. But it’s a completely different story, and it’s a great way to get an amazing car at the right price.

Why a Lease Return Is a Good Used Car

Leases are Just Like Financed Cars

Unlike very short-term rentals, leasing a vehicle is just like ownership. The lessee is responsible for keeping it in top shape while they ‘own’ it, including any maintenance and repairs that are due. Oil changes, tires, fluids, brakes, and such all need to be done just like the car is owned. If not, the lessee risks a penalty when the car is returned at lease end! When all is said and done, it’s just like the car was owned and traded in.

Lease Returns are Purchased Right

If you see a lease return for sale at a dealership, you can be assured that you won’t be overcharged. Dealers can be very discerning when they select lease returns, only purchasing the ones that are offered for a good price at auction. And unlike trade-ins and fleet vehicles at auction, the buyout price on a lease was set beforehand, ensuring the sale price will be consistent and fiar.

Only Good Quality Lease Returns are Sold

There’s so much choice for a dealership to offer for their inventory. When it’s between fleet vehicles, rentals, trade-ins, and lease returns, the dealer only selects the best inventory they can offer for a good price. These are cars in good repair, a good vehicle history report, and good options that are desirable. If you’re looking for a used car, check out a lease return at Jay Wolfe Auto Outlet. We always have a great selection of pre-owned cars to choose from, including lease returns!