When Are Used Electric Cars Coming?

It’s been all over the news for the past couple of years. Car makers say that they’re going to be electrifying most or all of their vehicle fleets. That’s great news for the environment, isn’t it? Manufacturers such as Volvo, Volkswagen, Tesla, Ford, and General Motors are just a few that have committed to electrified vehicles within the next five to ten years. So when does that mean we’ll see used electric cars on the lot? Don’t worry, it’s going to happen in time. However, used electric cars aren’t going to be overly common for a while yet.

Why the Delay in Used Electric Cars?

You’ll see used electric cars available occasionally. But you won’t find whole used car lots full of electrified vehicles yet, and here’s why.

There Aren’t Many on the Road Yet

Electric cars account for less than one percent of the new vehicles sold every year. While production ramps up and costs drop, it’s going to take time before the roads have more electric cars.

They’re Still New

For the electric cars on the road today, owners are still in the honeymoon phase. They’ve just bought their car and aren’t ready to sell it or trade it in yet.

Used Electric Cars are Expensive

Even though they are pre-owned, used electric cars are holding their value extremely well. The Chevrolet Bolt, Tesla Model 3, Nissan LEAF, and other electric cars will resell for almost their new price, and that doesn’t appeal to a lot of used car buyers.

They Aren’t All Electric Cars

Not all the electrified vehicles promised will be solely battery electric vehicles. Many are only partially electric, which we know as a hybrid vehicle. There’s still a gas engine as well, albeit the hybrid powertrain is much more efficient than a normal internal combustion engine.   Used electric cars will be coming once they become more commonplace. You’ll see the odd one from time to time, and there might even be the occasional one at CarUp KC. Once electric cars have become mainstream, expect to see more available right here at CarUp KC.

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