Used Trucks For Sale: Issues to Watch For

In Kansas City and the surrounding areas, trucks are a popular vehicle to purchase. They’re just so handy – you can use the to carry a load, haul the family around, tow your trailer or boat, or use as a mobile office. And or whatever reason you’re shopping for a truck, there are used trucks for sale in the area. But be careful! Not every truck you see is equal, even for the same year, make, and model. You’ll want to be diligent when you’re shopping used trucks for sale, otherwise you could be stuck with unexpected repairs or maintenance, even before you get a chance to enjoy the truck for a bit. As a truck buyer, there are a few things you can watch for when shopping used trucks for sale. Keep these in mind and you could save yourself tons of time and money!

What to Check When Shopping Used Trucks for Sale

High Fuel Economy Numbers

You’ve heard the term, “Drive it like you stole it.” Some truck owners take that literally. Driving a vehicle hard can lead to premature repairs and high maintenance costs. But there’s a way to quickly determine if the truck has been abused instead of used. Take a look at the fuel economy numbers in the trip computer. A seller typically won’t think to reset the trip computer before listing the truck for sale, and it’s a dead giveaway. If the fuel economy numbers are blasphemously high, like double the EPA rating, you know it’s been driven very hard. A truck like this could give you problems very soon, or at least, cost a bunch of money in maintenance.

Suspension and Steering Problems

When you go for a test drive, you’ll want to feel and listen for any abnormal issues. A shimmy, shake, clunk, or rattle when turning or going over bumps isn’t a good sign. Take a look at the tires also. If there’s more wear on the edges of the tires or in the center of the tread, there’s a good chance something is going on in the front end. Steering and suspension problems are expensive, especially for trucks. If you detect problems that cause you worry, look for other used trucks for sale.  

Lack of Maintenance

Truck maintenance is more expensive than routine maintenance on a car, and it’s even more important. An improperly maintained used truck can experience problems that are costly to repair. Always ask for maintenance records before committing to buying a used truck. If it can’t be supplied, have the truck inspected thoroughly to make sure maintenance is up to date.

Higher than Average Pricing

Some used trucks for sale are special, with lower mileage, more accessories, or in better condition than others. You can expect to pay a little extra for these ones. But if the average truck is more expensive than others like it on the market, take note. You don’t want to pay too much for your truck. If it seems like it’s priced too high compared to others, maybe you should keep looking.   At CarUp KC, you’ll find a great selection of used trucks from a bunch of brands. All have been carefully inspected and reconditioned and are ready to hit the road. Our vehicles are all priced competitively so you don’t have to search dozens of used car lots to find the right vehicle for your needs. It’s all right here at CarUp KC.  

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