What Those Dash Warning Lights Really Mean

You’re driving along through Kansas City, maybe even headed to a Royals game. Suddenly, a light pops up on the dashboard…but nothing seems to be working any differently at the moment. It could be a nefarious computer glitch, or maybe a sensor acting up, you tell yourself. But because you don’t know that much about cars, it’s just a guess. Wouldn’t it be great to know what those dash warning lights actually mean? We hear you. There’s nothing fun about driving when you’re staring at dash warning lights blinking or staying on solid. Here are some explanations for a few of the dash warning lights every driver will see at some point.

What Your Dash Warning Lights Mean

The Check Engine Light

It’s amber (or yellow) and shaped crudely like an engine. It’s one of the most common indicators to pop on when you drive. You might notice your car running differently…or maybe not. The Check Engine Light is a one-size-fits-all warning light for engine, transmission, and emissions systems. It can mean anything from a faulty oxygen sensor in the exhaust to loss of prime in the transmission.

ABS or Brake Warning Light

In many cases, brake warning lights come on because the fluid is low in the reservoir. It happens when brake pads wear down and more fluid is in the lines than usual. But it can also indicate a leak or malfunction. As well, an ABS warning light always indicates a fault in the ABS system. Both are red dash warning lights, telling you it’s serious. It could be a sensor fault or wiring, but it should be looked at right away.

Battery Light

It’s unmistakable. The battery light is red and clearly resembles a car battery, although some people think it looks like a robot’s head. When the battery light comes on, it’s a battery or charging system fault. Often, the alternator isn’t putting out the necessary voltage to keep the battery charged.   Whether you see one of these three dash warning lights or one of many others, your action is still the same. Have it checked out right away. Or, if you don’t want to deal with the expense and inconvenience of vehicle repairs, see Jay Wolfe Auto Outlet in Kansas City. We’ll help you get into a certified pre-owned vehicle in great shape. Best of all, there won’t be any warning lights on!