Which Auto Repairs Aren’t Worth Fixing?

You own a car? If you do, then there are going to be auto repairs necessary at some point in your ownership experience. It sucks, and you’re usually not prepared to pay for them out of pocket. And you definitely didn’t consider the cost of upkeep when you bought your car. Nevertheless, auto repairs will need to happen. Some are small jobs and others are major repairs. Some are safety related while others are just plain old annoying. And because you never know what’s going to go wrong, you can’t predict is how much your repairs are going to cost. When problems happen, how do you know if they’re worth fixing? Here are five auto repairs that aren’t worth shelling out the money.

Auto Repairs that Aren’t Worth Fixing

Turbocharger Replacement

Experienced a sudden loss of power accompanied by a Check Engine light? If you have a turbocharged engine, that could be your turbocharger giving out. Its purpose is to force-feed air into the engine which produces more power than your engine would make otherwise. Turbochargers are an expensive fix. Moreover, if you need a turbo replaced, there are likely other engine-related repairs just around the corner.

Engine Burning Oil

If you’ve got bluish smoke billowing from your tailpipe, your engine is burning oil. That can mean anything from a cylinder head repair for sticking valves to a complete engine replacement for scored cylinder walls. You’re looking at thousands of dollars to fix it, and it’s from being worn out. Maybe it’s not the best investment.

Transmission Rebuild

Your car isn’t shifting gears anymore – at least, not properly. If it’s been diagnosed as slipping clutches or a valve body issue, there’s a good chance you’ll need a complete transmission overhaul. It may even need to be replaced. There’s no way to know exactly what it will cost until it’s opened up. At that point, it’s too late and you’ll have to shell out big money for the repairs.

Water Pump Replacement

Your water pump has given out, and that’s not usually a huge repair. But what’s lurking underneath can be more than you bargained for. If the water pump failed, your engine had the potential to overheat. If it did, that probably means a head gasket replacement or worse. The costs can pile up quickly.

Engine Control Module Replacement

It’s just an electrical repair, isn’t it? The engine control module is a computer that controls much of what your car does. But think of it this way: if the engine control module has failed, what other sensors and wiring are shortly behind? Plus, the module itself is several hundred dollars.   Instead of tackling expensive auto repairs, why not get out of the troublesome vehicle you have? Visit Jay Wolfe Auto Outlet in Kansas City to find a great certified pre-owned vehicle that fits your needs?