Why You Should Buy Your Used Vehicle from a Car Dealer

Your uncle tells you, “Buy a car privately. You can save money compared with buying from a car dealer.” You’ve heard from your grandmother, “Why would you waste your money on a newer car? Just drive my 1988 Plymouth Reliant.” Your sister’s boyfriend’s brother once bought a vehicle from a car dealer in Maine, and he had a bad experience too. He’d tell you to buy a car off Craigslist. You’ll hear different advice from everyone. It’s a great idea to do your research before buying a car. Your friends, family, and coworkers are your most trusted source for recommendations on buying a car. But sometimes, their advice isn’t exactly accurate. There are many reasons that you should buy your next used vehicle from a car dealer. Here are just a few.

Why a Car Dealer is Your Best Choice to Buy a Car

You Get Accountability

When you buy a car privately, you might save a bit of money. But if something goes wrong (hopefully it doesn’t), you have no recourse! You can’t go back to the seller and sort out the concern. It’s buyer beware, and you’re stuck with the car no matter what. With a used car dealer like CarUp KC, you get accountability. There’s an assurance you’ll be satisfied. If you aren’t, you have a team of experts who are at the ready to make you happy!

Their Used Cars Have Been Certified

A car listed for sale privately may say it’s certified and ready to go. But was it done recently, and who’s done the inspection and repairs? There’s a reason it’s priced lower – there’s no way to guarantee it’s been certified properly. At CarUp KC, you know where it’s been certified – right here. It’s been done by industry professionals who have pride in their work and expertise.

You Have Selection

You can look at hundreds of used cars before finding the right one for you. It gets annoying when you have to drive from car to car, looking for a model you love. But when you shop at a used car dealer (ahem, CarUp KC), you have a wide selection all in one place. It saves you oodles of time!

You Can Complete Your Purchase in One Place

When you buy privately, it takes hours upon hours to get it all finished. Your bank needs to approve the sale, get your financing in order, and cut you a check for the seller. It’s precious time you’ll never get back. At CarUp KC, we do it all right here. Our financing experts will get you approved for your car loan, often on the spot. In many cases, you can drive your car home the same day. Try that with a private sale.

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