Car Repairs that Cost More Than You Think

Is your car getting up there in age? You might not think it’s a problem at all. In fact, you’re kinda strapped for cash and your credit isn’t all that good. Keeping your old, beat-up car probably seems like the best answer right now. The alternative is buying a different car and you don’t think that’s the best use of your money. All you have to do is stay on top of car repairs and you’ll be fine… right?

Car Repairs Are Quite Costly

If you’re not exactly flush with cash right now, car repairs can push you over the brink. It’s almost guaranteed that you don’t have cash set aside for those impending repairs – only 19% of Americans are financially ready for unexpected costs. And besides, do you know how much those repairs truly are?

Front and Rear Brake Job

Should you need new brakes at the front and rear of your normal, everyday car, you wouldn’t think it would be much moneywise. On average, the cost of parts and labor for brake pads and rotors per axle is $406 and up. That means for brake pads and rotors at all four corners, you can expect a bill around $800. Do you have that saved up?

Transmission Replacement

Your car suddenly doesn’t shift into reverse or it slips out of gear as you drive. A transmission rebuild isn’t commonplace anymore, but a replacement is. Any guesses on the cost? It’s about $4,000 on many cars and can climb as high as $8,000. Even if your transmission can be rebuilt, it’s going to set you back between $1,500 and $3,500. It’s not exactly chump change, is it?

Power Steering Rack Replacement

That clunking when you turn the steering wheel even feels expensive. If the power steering rack is leaking or has excessive play, it must be replaced. It’s estimated for most cars between $639 and $1,188 for parts and labor, but there’s seldom just one part to change. You can expect tie rods, struts, stabilizer links, or wheel hubs might need to be changed at the same time, and that can be thousands extra.

Engine Replacement

Like the transmission, engines are replaced more often than rebuilt these days. The cost of parts and labor to change the engine is, bare minimum, $2,500. Any little extras are hundreds of dollars more, and we’re certainly talking about a used engine at this price. Double it for a new one.   As you can see, car repairs can become out-of-range expenses unexpectedly. Think to yourself, “Can I afford to fix these problems on my car”. Follow that question up with another: “Is my car worth the cost of repairs?” In many cases, the answer is NO. What you can afford is a reliable pre-owned car with payments that are consistent. At CarUp, you’ll find used vehicles – many still with factory warranty – that are dependable and cost-effective. Get rid of your junker and get behind the wheel of a car you actually like from your premier used car dealer in Kansas City, CarUp KC.

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