How to Build Credit

You need it to rent an apartment of secure financing to buy a home. It’s what you require to get a higher credit card limit. When you buy a car, you’re certainly going to need it. It’s CREDIT. One of the things in life that will either help you go further or will hold you back is your credit rating. And unfortunately, most people never learn how to build credit in the first place. At CarUp KC, we have your back. Whether you’re trying to get a small loan for car repairs, financing for a sweet guitar, or you’re looking to buy a car, you need to know how to build credit. Here are a few tips on how you can do just that.

Tips on How to Build Credit

Start a Savings Account

Open a savings account at your bank. But it doesn’t help to leave it empty. Start stashing a few bucks every payday. When it’s part of your routine, you hardly miss it. Wondering how this helps you build credit? Think about it like this. You apply for financing or a credit card and they pull your credit report. It shows you have cash in the bank. That means you know how to handle your money, and they’re more likely to entrust you with a loan.

Pay Your Credit Card Monthly

One of the best things you can do is pay off your credit card balance every month. If you’re wondering how to build credit fast, this might be the best way. Charge a small balance every month, then pay it off in full. Keeping your credit card balance at zero shows lenders you are responsible with your finances.

Buy a Car Within Your Limits

Purchase a car and you’ll soon discover the secret of how to build credit. Those mandatory payments must be made on time, every time. If they aren’t, it goes against your credit score. You don’t want late payments or missed payments ever. You should always buy a vehicle well within your means too. Don’t finance every last penny you qualify for, if you can avoid it. Leave yourself some wiggle room for other expenses.  

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