Let’s Talk About Phil’s Money Problems

Phil is a great guy. He’s the responsible, quiet guy that always seems to have it together. He has a wife, two kids, went to grad school and got his dream office job right away. Phil is the guy everyone wants to be, but he has money problems. It’s not what you think, though. Phil didn’t let the money get to his head. Phil is a clean-living, upstanding sort. His problem all comes from something you wouldn’t expect and, frankly, Phil didn’t see coming. It’s credit fraud that put Phil in trouble. Phil is the victim.

How Did It Happen?

Slowly, over the course of months, someone was siphoning off small amounts of money from Phil’s Visa. It went completely undetected as Phil paid his bills regularly, not noticing the bump in the balance. After all, it could be a few pairs of shoes his wife ordered online. Then, the family car broke down, and it all unwound. Still unbeknownst to Phil, he found a car and completed the financing agreement. Squeaky-clean Phil assumed it would be a no-brainer…until the application was declined. As the finance manager went over the details, there were extra credit cards and an unsecured loan, all months behind and maxed out. Someone had assumed Phil’s identity and stolen thousands in credit from Phil.

What Now?

This illustration is a true story, and it’s happened to more than just Phil. It goes to show that identity theft and fraud are real and can have a profound impact on anybody. And it also shows that money problems can happen to anyone at anytime, often through no fault of their own. Phil is now struggling to repair his credit rating. After a frustrating experience of police reports, fraud claims with Visa and Mastercard, and expensive car repairs to tide over until he could buy a new car, Phil and his family are slowly on the mend financially. It will be years until his credit rating is restored, and his credit report will be flagged for years to come as well.

Money Problems Don’t Discriminate

If you’re struggling with your credit rating, take comfort knowing there are many others in the same situation. Money problems don’t discriminate by class, gender, age, ethnicity, or any other variable. It can happen to good people. If you’re experiencing credit issues, whether through bankruptcy, divorce, health issues, or fraud, we can help. Just like we helped Phil get into a new vehicle, CarUP KC is able to help you too. We’ll pair you up with a local dealership who can meet your needs and get you the car loan you deserve. Trust CarUp KC for your next vehicle purchase.

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