Does Your Used Car Need an Extended Warranty?

You’re looking for a reliable used car, truck, or SUV. No doubt, you’re looking for a newer vehicle than you have right now. You want something that isn’t going to break down on you and won’t cost you a fortune in repairs and downtime. One of the perks is that you’ll get newer technology than […]

How Does Negative Equity Affect My Used Car Purchase?

You financed a car not that long ago and you find yourself shopping for a vehicle again. It happens for various reasons. Maybe you bought a sports car and you suddenly have a baby on the way. Or maybe after a surgery you need higher vehicle seating to get in and out. It could even […]

Five Reasons You Need a New(er) Pre Owned Car

Do you already own a car? If you’re reading this, it means you’re probably thinking about replacing it. And if you’re on the fence about getting a newer pre owned car, you might need a little advice. It might be a little biased, but we think you should buy something a little newer. In fact, […]

Your Check Engine Light Could Be Bad News…

You’re in the driver’s seat, making your way through traffic. Suddenly, your eye catches an amber-yellow light pop up on your dashboard. This funny-shaped indicator has been on for a second or so every time you start the engine but it goes out right away. It’s never been on while you drive. Is this the […]

How a Tire Rotation Can Indicate You Should Buy a New Car

We all know that a tire rotation should be done as part of routine maintenance. It’s the best way to ensure your tires last as long as possible. In turn, it keeps you safe on the road when you drive. But when you take your car in for a tire rotation, you might be getting […]

The Top 5 Most Fuel Efficient SUVs to Buy Used

You like the extra passenger and cargo space inside the cabin. The higher seating position makes your sightline on the road much better, along with visibility all the way around. And what’s not to like about the more versatile and capable powertrains? That’s right, we’re talking about sport utility vehicles again. But there’s one thing […]

Car Care Reduces Your Vehicle Expenses

It seems like a waste of money. Going to the service department for car maintenance and repairs feels expensive. Whether it’s just an oil change, a transmission service, a wheel alignment, or engine repairs, you’re giving over your hard-earned money to someone else. Car care is important, though. If it’s not done on time and […]

Credit Card Best Practices to Improve Your Credit

Without a doubt, the number one contributor to poor credit scores in the United States has to do with credit cards. Most people don’t know credit card best practices, and that leads to big problems with spending, repayment, and suffocating credit card debt. Most Americans can relate to this either today or at some point […]

Car Buying is Easier When You Know These Used Car Myths

There’s a stigma about used cars. And often, people try to avoid buying a preowned car because of that stigma. Some of the reasons that used cars get a bad rap simply aren’t true though. That’s what you’d call a myth. Often, a used car is the best choice to make, and it’s easier to […]

How Much Car Can I Afford?

Buying a car is an exciting time! It’s a sense of freedom and a reflection of your personality. But finding the right car can be a tough task, especially if you have to search the phrase: how much car can I afford. You might have a limited income or a small down payment. It may […]

Can You Buy a Used Car with Bad Credit?

It’s easy to earn yourself a less-than-perfect credit rating.  Few missed payments, an over-extended credit card, or defaulting on a loan can all help you find your way to a bad credit rating. A few financial indiscretions can follow you around for seven years or even longer, troubling you whenever you need a helping hand. […]