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Why You Should Buy Your Used Vehicle from a Car Dealer

Your uncle tells you, “Buy a car privately. You can save money compared with buying from a car dealer.” You’ve heard from your grandmother, “Why would you waste your money on a newer car? Just drive my 1988 Plymouth Reliant.” Your sister’s boyfriend’s brother once bought a vehicle from a car dealer in Maine, and

Tips to Reduce Fuel Consumption

“I love filling up my tank at the gas station!”, said no one ever. One of the most expensive parts of owning a vehicle is fueling it up. It never seems to last as long as it should, and gas prices are consistently higher than we think they should be too. But since cars need

Five Mistakes New Drivers Make

Every new driver is inexperienced – it’s a matter of fact. But how do you become a better driver, other than to get behind the wheel and do it? Unfortunately, there are bound to be a few blunders here and there in the learning process. Some are small oopsies, others are big problems. So, whether

Get the Best Fuel Economy Possible With these Tips

It seems like every time you drive your car, the gas gauge reads low. Why is it that your car’s fuel just doesn’t last as long as you think it should? It’s no secret that an engine burns fuel so you can drive, but it feels like your car is using more than its fair

Skills to Teach Your Teen Driver

If you have your driver’s license, you had to learn how to drive. For most people, that happens when they are a teenager. It’s a massive responsibility to be a teen driver, and it comes among dealing with pimples, hormones, first loves, and other distractions. But if you have a teen driver coming up in

Myths about Used Car Dealerships

In the United States, the used car marketplace is a thriving industry. Millions of cars hit the road for the first time every year, and it doesn’t take long until it becomes a used car for sale. Some come up for sale privately while others end up at used car dealerships. Where you buy a

What Do These Warning Lights Mean?

Whether your car is new or has a few years under its belt, issues can pop up. Some of the most common problems on vehicles these days are warning lights. This is how it usually goes: You’re driving along the interstate or waiting for the red light to turn green. You hear a ding and

Is It Worthwhile to Trade In Your Car at CarUP?

You’ve been considering buying a new car. The one you have right now is getting older, and things are starting to go wrong with it. Wiring is getting old and brittle, the engine is getting tired, and leaks are starting to show up. Your tires need to be replaced soon and your brakes just started

Which Options Will Boost My Future Resale Value?

Unless the car you buy is a limited production or an extremely rare exception, it’s going to depreciate. That’s what happens when you buy a product – like a car – that breaks down, adds wear, and racks up the miles during the course of its lifetime. Frankly, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Would you

Should You Trade In or Sell Your Car?

It has come time to upgrade your vehicle. Your family may have expanded and your current car is too small. Our job location may have changed and you now need something better on fuel. Or, you just want something with more options or, simply, nicer than your current vehicle. THe problem is that you have

Can I Get Financing for Cars Under $10,000?

Buying a car is often a stressful situation, and that’s understandable. It’s a big chunk of change you’re putting towards a vehicle. What’s worse is that it will drop in value over time – essentially, your money ‘evaporates’. So to minimize the hurt, you may be looking at cars under $10,000. But is it possible