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Trading a car with bad credit

Can I Trade In My Car with Bad Credit?

There’s no doubt you need to get a different car. Your engine leaks oil, the transmission shifts sloppy, your power windows only work sometimes, and last week the engine stalled. Even though it restarted, who knows how long until you’re left stranded? But you haven’t got the best credit in the world and you’re worried

What Happens If I Miss a Car Payment?

A study in 2016 by Experian discovered that the average car payment in America is a whopping $503 per month! That’s a big chunk of change for most people. And with a vast majority of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, you’re only one small problem away from not being able to make ends meet that

Who You Should Choose for No Credit Car Loans

You have to start somewhere. You could be new to the country and haven’t had the opportunity to borrow money yet but need to drive. As a college student, you need a car but you’ve just barely come of age. Or, perhaps you’ve always paid cash before, but that’s no longer an option for you.

How to Build Credit

You need it to rent an apartment of secure financing to buy a home. It’s what you require to get a higher credit card limit. When you buy a car, you’re certainly going to need it. It’s CREDIT. One of the things in life that will either help you go further or will hold you

How to Fix Bad Credit in Three Steps

Nearly one in three Americans have a credit score that is below the ‘good’ rating. Most of those people know it, and others have no idea. If you know you have a less than ideal credit score, you’ve already taken the first step toward improvement. It’s understanding the need to fix bad credit. Bad credit

How to Choose the Right Financing Term

On average, used car shoppers spend more than eight hours researching vehicles online. It takes time to settle on the right make and model. Then after finding the right car, truck, or SUV, it’s all about making the deal. That’s why you’ve landed at CarUp KC. But even after you’ve decided which car to buy,

How to Lower Your Car Payment

Owning a car opens a world of opportunity. A better job that requires a commute can now be attained. Your nightlife options have now been blown wide open. And if you need to get groceries, attend an appointment, or run other errands, it doesn’t take nearly as long as public transportation. But your car payment

Can You Get a Bad Credit Car Loan?

There’s no way you can buy a car, is there? When you graduated high school, you began racking up thousands of dollars in tuition, and you’re having a hard time getting caught up with those payments. You haven’t been disciplined in making your bill payments on time, and you’ve had a credit card cancelled on

What Used Car Financing Does for You

You probably wish you had stacks of cash stuffed under your mattress at home. You could eat at all the fancy restaurants and shop designer boutiques. Buying a car would be no big deal at all – you’d just hand over a stack of Benjamins. But that’s not the case for anyone, really. Like most

3 Ways to Improve Your Credit Rating Quickly

You’ve heard for a long time that credit issues stay on your credit report for years. That’s true, and it’s for a good reason. Getting credit from a lender isn’t something you are entitled to. It’s given because you’ve earned it, and it’s hard work to get to that point. For many people, learning that

5 Steps Before You Buy a Car with Bad Credit

Sometimes it’s just a few bad decisions that have a long-lasting result. You may have skipped a few bills or forgotten to pay a ticket that went to collections. Other times, it’s a wrench thrown into your plans that’s completely unexpected. A death in the family, a split from your spouse, or job loss. But