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Can a High Interest Car Loan Be a Good Thing?

Since you’ve learned about money, you’ve probably been instructed to pay as little interest as possible. You’re bombarded with car ads advertising no-interest car financing or nearly non-existent rates. But you’re new to the credit game or have had credit trouble in the past, so you don’t qualify for those low rates. You know this […]

How Divorce Can Affect Your Credit

There’s a 50/50 chance you’ve either experienced one, are in the midst of one, or will go through it in the future. Divorce is sadly a common occurrence in today’s culture. It’s the separation of two partners who decide to live their lives apart instead of together, but it reaches much further than just the […]

How Good People Get Bad Credit

Bad credit doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a senior citizen, you can experience bad credit. In most cases it’s not because of criminal activity or willful disregard. In a vast number of situations, it’s simply a mistake or a change in life that sets that ball in motion. And once it starts […]